Spruce Your Home with These Floral Arrangements

by Ray Khosravi on March 30, 2022
Spruce Your Home with These Floral Arrangements

Sprucing up the home with flowers has always been a great idea and also relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly compared to other decor alternatives. Also, floral arrangements like luxury roses in a box can instantly help add a pop of organic color that you can’t really get from any other form of decoration. So whether it is decorating your home with fresh flowers or simply wanting to make the most of the flower bouquet you've received from a near and dear one, we've rounded up a series of unique and eye-capturing ways to decorate with flowers.

Stay assured these ideas are sure to brighten up your space.

Create Floating Florals

Is your flower beginning to wilt, or are you just looking for some creative ways to display your blooms? One of the easiest ways is to consider cutting the flower heads off and placing them in a shallow bowl filled with water. This will ensure that your blooms last longer than if you left the stems on. Moreover, it will offer a completely new way of looking at your flowers. You can now place it anywhere on the dining table as a centerpiece, on a console, on kitchen slabs, on bathroom sills, etc.

Add Them into Smaller Vessels

At times it is hard to find a vase large enough to fit in some full-sized bouquets available at the market. In such situations, the best idea is to divide them up into smaller arrangements. This will solve the vase solution and can help you get more enjoyment out of your flowers. Also, consider using mason jars or a collection of random crystal or glassware in enticing colors and unique shapes for a more creative look.

Use Dried Flowers

Preserved and dried flowers are severely underused—but indeed make one of the best way to have florals in your space. An added advantage is that you need not worry about constant pruning, watering, and cleaning up after. Dried or preserved rose gift box will stay in great shape years to come and are just as versatile as fresh flowers. Not only they last long but are also available in a plethora of colors and arrangements to choose from. So, you get the ease to choose as per your choice, matching interiors, and a suitable budget.

Hang Them in Suspended Bottles

Flowers not always have to be used as centerpieces, and you need not always keep them in vases. How about thinking outside the box and finding new, interesting places to display them or things to hold them. You can arrange them beautifully in bottles or vials and hang them with string on your wall. This will make a lovely floral display and even add aesthetics to the unnoticed wall, serving as a wall display.

Flowers in Bathroom

Flowers are versatile enough and can also make a great addition to your vanity space and bathroom. How about the idea that instead of using long-stemmed florals and tall vases, you can cut your flowers within a few inches of height and place them in a jar on a vanity tray for a little pop of captivating visual interest.

Floral Arrangements on Tables

You can make the side table a centerpiece in your room and the console table the focal point of the room by decorating them with smaller floral arrangements. Simply add some decorative vases for beautiful bunches of flowers and scatter them around your table. To further enhance the arrangement use jewelry trays, crystals, and other decorative items to accent the florals.