Rose’s Luxury Eternal Roses Go Hand-in-hand With Giant Teddy To Upgrade Your Gifts Of Love

by Ray Khosravi on May 27, 2021
Luxury roses

Say your “I love you” with a red rose. And nothing is more romantic than a red rose in full bloom, its exquisite beauty preserved for years to come. Yes, authentic roses that are made to last for up to a year, making them extra special, and serve as a constant reminder of your true love.

It is what Studio De La Rose offers you, a selection of luxury eternal roses to give to your significant other either on a special occasion or an ordinary day when she needs a reminder of how much you truly care.

Let these long-lasting blooms speak about your passion, respect, and genuine love because Studio De La Rose’s luxury rose, with its mesmerizing vision, can speak more than a thousand words.

Teddy Bear and Rose

teddy bear rose

Giant Teddy, the company that you go to for those adorable, cuddly life-sized teddy bears, is making our lives much sweeter. To diversify your offerings of love, Giant Teddy is launching its sister company, Studio De La Rose, which focuses on providing you with the most beautiful, preserved roses you will ever find, which are known as eternal roses.  So, when you surprise your loved one with a huggable teddy (on any occasion), you have a luxury rose to complement it with.

If Giant Teddy allows you to express your haiku, poetry, or heartfelt messages in a personalized card, Studio De La Rose will be happy to do this for you. They can also craft your original words into a lovely, personalized card to spell out what your gift of eternal rose truly means.

The Power of an Everlasting Rose

Studio De La Rose’s luxury roses are preserved to last for up to 12 months without any kind of maintenance, including water, keeping their breathtaking beauty intact.

Each vibrant rose has gone through a meticulous process to produce high-quality and vibrant blooms because we value our customers who have been loyal ever since Giant Teddy came to be. Also, because we understand that when expressing your love with flowers, quality should never be compromised.

Each of our roses is meticulously crafted to perfection. The company grows them in mineral-rich soils at high altitudes with natural sunlight, and they end up in the hands of our creative team of artisan florists that arrange them with refined and elegant taste.

When it comes to true love, only the best is deserved— flawless and everlasting, just like Studio De La Rose’s luxury eternal roses.

Luxury Roses in the Color of Your Choice

luxury roses

Studio De La Rose offers a variety of colors to help you express your innermost feelings on any occasion.

Red speaks of love, beauty, and respect; white spells out purity; peaches to let your special someone feel your deep appreciation; and coral, if you want to let them know how much you desire them. If you seek a very specific color, just let us know.

The company’s eternal luxury roses come in a lovely glass dome or an elegant box, as the packaging is just as important as the striking beautify of our roses.

Eternal Rose for Eternal Bliss

Studio De La Rose’s infinity roses will brighten not just any room you place it on, whether it’s the living room, the bedroom, office, or your dining area——but also your mood.

Flowers, especially roses, are known to improve one’s well-being and provide a more relaxing, blissful atmosphere. It is why our eternal rose’s natural beauty——everlastingly fresh, vibrant, and fragrant——will make your special someone smile all year long.