Color Guide to the Perfect Rose Gift

by Ray Khosravi on May 27, 2021
Color Guide to the Perfect Rose Gift

Nothing says love like a classic bouquet of roses. The perfect expression of feelings and almost every writer’s muse, roses are known for their everlasting beauty. Whether you are buying one for a friend, family member, or a loved one, picking the perfect rose in just the perfect color can help you send your message across effectively. No need for elaborate poetry, no long declarations of love. Just a rose that poignantly conveys your feelings. 

To help get your message across and avoid any hiccups along the way, read through our rose color guide to help you pick that ideal gift you’ve been thinking about.

Red Roses

Diamond Heart Red Roses

The most timeless of all, red roses are one of the boldest symbols of love. Express your never-ending love and admiration with our electric red roses! There’s no better way to say “I love you.” A universal declaration of perfection and endearment, these are sure to make the perfect gift right from your first date to your golden anniversary.

Pink Roses

Diamond Heart Pink Roses

A symbol of elegance and grace, pink roses are the perfect symbol of admiration and gratefulness. Say thank you to your best friend or significant other for all they do with a bouquet of pink roses. Paler pink roses convey grace and sweetness, whereas deeper pinks represent gratitude. It’s never a bad time to remind someone how appreciated and cherished they are!

White Roses

Diamond Heart White Roses

New beginnings are definitely cause for celebration. A symbol of pure, and unadulterated love, these roses make the perfect wedding accessory! Express your love and remembrance of the good ol’ times with a bunch of soft white roses.

Purple Roses

Diamond Heart Purple Roses

Representing royalty, magnificence, and regality, surprise the kings and queens of your lives with some grand purple roses! A case of ‘love at first sight’, calls for a more subtle lavender colored rose while bold declarations of enchantment and mystique can be stated with a perfect plum purple rose.

Blue Roses

Diamond Heart Blue Roses

Steal your loved one’s heart and blow away all the shadows of doubt with some mesmerizing blue roses. Symbolizing a touch of mystery and desire, they are perfect to show your loved one that they’re the only one for you. Also, as an indication of strength and independence, send over some blue roses to a friend to inspire confidence and cheer them on!

Yellow Roses

Diamond Heart Yellow Roses

A friendship worth a thousand words can be packed in a bunch of yellow roses. Treasure the special bonds you’ve shared through the years while looking forward to what’s coming next. Share your positive energy with the true friends in your life and remind them of how much they mean to you with some bright yellow roses.

Orange Roses

Diamond Heart Orange Roses

Express that early romance and fiery devotion with some powerful orange roses. Tell that special someone you’re passionate about, that you desire no one and nothing more. While bold orange roses symbolize fascination, desire, and enthusiasm, softer peachy tones communicate modesty, sympathy, and sincerity.

Not only is picking the color of your roses crucial, but getting the number right is quite important too! Roses are a gift that most people appreciate. A beautiful bouquet of roses is still one of the purest and most valued expressions of love, gratitude, and admiration.