Forever & A Day Collection

by Ishan Makkar on May 27, 2021
long lasting preserved roses

Our long lasting preserved roses arrangement offered in our black diamond heart- Forever & a day collection. Choose from our variety of rose colors: red, pink, white, black, gold, silver, purple, blue, yellow, orange, rainbow!

Forever & A Day Collection

Gift roses that won’t perish after only a few days, our forever & a day collection include real roses of your desired color that can last up to 3 years!

These glamorous roses are available in two different sizes to fit perfectly in your home, office and any other room you’d like to brighten up and spread your love!

Forever & a day Diamond Heart Gift Box:
  • Small Black heart diamond box holds 10-13 roses
  • Large Black heart diamond box holds 21-24 roses
  • Studio de la rose logo engraved on wood crease inside
  • Roses may last up to 3 years
  • Do not water or expose to direct sunlight

long lasting preserved roses